2 days ago

08/31/2020 —- Zoom class at 5 pm today is cancelled due to a technical issue! We are sorry! 🥶

08/27/2020 —- Thinking of coming back only sometimes? Fee is $15 per lesson. We know more option is better! Please pay from this link.

08/25/2020 —- We are accepting ONLINE REGISTRATION now!

08/05/2020 —- Photo day this Saturday (08/08) will be donation based no sign up or appointment needed. Check details.

08/05/2020 —- W are adding another beach camp day on this Friday. Come to Hasckle beach at 9:45 am. Bring lunch beach gears and a mask. $30 per student.

07/13/2020 —- Lock down again? We will keep kicking online and at lessons at park! Check our new schedule please.

For online classes please visit BROADCASTING CLASS 2020. ( This class is for registered students only. ) If you need password to log in, click here and give us the full name of the student. We will send you the password to the broadcasting classes. Thank you!