Summer Camp schedule 2021

Drop off & Pick up location

Each day, drop off and pick up location is same. If you can not find us please call (805)683-6617. If the participant or the family is considered at risk of coronavirus please contact us.

On Tuesday 7/ 27, we provide optional transportation (6 seats available in each car, open windows and masks will be worn) between La Patera Elementary School and Lizard mouth mountain, so please make sure to drop off booster seats if needed when you drop off your child. On zoo day which is on 7/30 (Fri), please have your children carry $15 for zoo admission fee or give it to sensei Steve in the morning.

On Thursday 7/29, lunch( pizza and etc.. ) will be provided. If your child has any food allergy please contact sensei Steve (805)683-6617 (text) for the details. If there is any question please call or text us.

Haskell Beach Parking Click here for map.

East Beach Parking lot Click here for map.

Palm Parking Lot Click here for map.